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  • Does Frou York offer free shipping?
    Frou York offers free shipping on all domestic orders over $100. Please allow 3-5 days for dispatch.
  • How do I care for my Frou York jewelry?
    Frou York is fashion jewelry, made of brass dipped in rhodium and brass dipped in 18K gold. We also work with genuine freshwater pearl and natural stones. Though FY jewelry is tarnish resistant, pieces may tarnish if not properly cared for. ​ For best care of your jewelry: Avoid exposure to cosmetics, perfumes, lotions, and hairspray. These products can damage your jewelry. Remove your jewelry before exercising, bathing, or sleeping. Store in a dry place. Also, it is best to store your items separately from other jewelry. Refrain from exposing your items to abrasives, solvents, or cleaning compounds. The materials can naturally tarnish over time. ​ *Please note that we are not responsible for problems that occurred after wearing the items without taking proper care of them. Please visit our jewelry care page to learn how to take care of your Frou York pieces.
  • Does Frou York accept returns?
    Sales are final. If there is an issue with your purchase, please e-mail Please note we will not offer returns/refunds for jewelry not properly cared for. Please visit our JEWELRY CARE page.
  • Will Frou York jewelry tarnish?
    Our jewelry is made with high quality 18k gold and rhodium plating over brass. Though it is tarnish resistant, our products may tarnish over time if not treated for correctly. Please visit our jewelry care page for information on how to care for your Frou York jewelry.
  • Does Frou York work with influencers?
    Please e-mail with influencer inquiries.
  • How do I place a wholesale order?
    Please e-mail for linesheets.
  • Can I pull styles for my photoshoot?
    Please e-mail for all East Coast PR and Press inquiries. For West Coast and International PR/Press, please contact
  • Where is Frou York located?
    Frou York is located in New York City.


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